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Does this look like Bella's vine nest?
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If this looks like Bella's vine nest from last February, it's because it is.  Eva chose to renovate Bella's old nest to have her next clutch in.  

                                                            What happened to Bella's nest?

On February 28, 2014, we had very bad storms overnight with large hail.  It is my belief that the hail startled Bella off her nest.  I believe she got disoriented as hummingbirds do not fly at night.  It is believed she could not make her way back to the nest for the rest of the evening. Without her sitting on the eggs during the cold wet night, they became non-viable.  It is believed she came back to the nest at first light and discovered her eggs were not viable.  It was reported that she was seen coming to the nest a few times that morning.  She would poke at the eggs and would then leave.  She eventually never returned to the nest.  A mother hummingbird would never purposefully leave her viable eggs. The eggs were later removed as other birds were starting to peck at them.  These eggs were buried beneath the vine where the nest is.  We do know Bella is alive and well.  She started another nest in the ficus on April 15, 2014.  Eva has now claimed this nest in the vine as hers and is currently sitting on eggs that were laid April 10 & 12, 2104.  We will start hatch watch on April 27, 2014.